Enter the world of ‘Super Collapse!’ in the mobile adaptation of the award-winning smash-hit PC game. Test your block-busting skills across four different lands and over 80 fun-filled levels.

Stay ahead of the ever-increasing pile by getting rid of blocks of the same colour. Complete levels and collect gold and stars. Use your stars to advance to the next land and your hard-earned gold to buy power-ups from the shop. If you happen to run short on gold, you can always try your luck at the casino!

‘Super Collapse!’ features 6 game modes and lets you travel through four unique lands in Quest Play. The great power-ups, trophies and exciting casino mini games familiar to users of the original PC game are all here to help you on your way to becoming Quest Master! The additional Quick Play arena provides the perfect brain break for those looking for a quick snack.

And there’s more! The excitement continues on your PC, as you get a free copy of the original game when you buy the mobile game!