N-Gage is sure growing at a fast pace. Earlier at the Nokia Games Summit it was announced that 2009 will sure see a whole lot of games on the N-Gage Platform and guess what they already have started to pour in. Making in way it’s the ever loved and most anticipated game of the quarter, EA Sports FIFA 09. The game was officially announced for download by ikona over at the N-Gage Blog and at the moment it is available in the showroom tab of your N-Gage client. The best part is that the game is only 4 Mb which is easy for download on EDGE. Thumbs up to Nokia for making N-Gage OTA downloads which is great as it involves no hassle of a PC of what so ever.

I have been facing a few problems with my N96 so I decided to try this one on my N95 8GB. I will keep you all updated with the N96 and N-Gage venture but at the moment things look gloomy. Anyways, coming to my FIFA 09 Review, well, as you all know I am a BIG fan of Liverpool and have always followed them in every league. My FIFA experience with the TV – OUT can be sneaked up here. So being a total soccer geek I was very happy to see FIFA 09 go live for download. So I got my N95 8GB and downloaded the game right from the device without the need of a computer, which was really cool as the download was pretty quick using EDGE (AirTel Mobile Office). The installation itself was very quick. So wasting no time I decided to give the game a try

The game starts with an all new Graphic User Interface which is very quick to load. The Main Menu is all setup like the one on Playstation and you can choose from various options. The important ones being the Options>Language + Game Setup + Control Setup. Thus they give you all the flexibility to have your game setup to suit your preferences. The best part is the help section as it guides you through different tutorials and game modes so that if you are a beginner, you can quickly adapt to the game. Finally the main game options of Game Mode, My team and Rankings have been elaborately made. The game mode has Scenario - Challenges - Season - Tournament and Penalty mode and the My Team has your Clubs, Nation, Statistics and Recent Progress. The Ranking gives you the idea off your current standings in the different modes of the game. You can pause the game for replays and select stadiums and even the weather at times is dicey, thus a complete package unleashes on your device. The graphics can be made a little more on the soft side but overall its good.

The Playing Screen in Landscape Mode shows the active player with a blue inverted triangle on top and the Goal Tally is on the top left. The active player name on the bottom left with the energy meter below. On the bottom right side is the overall map of the field with player position. The controls are very easy to grasp when playing on the landscape mode and the players can be operated using the four way navigation keys. The pass and shoot buttons too are easy and work very well. The overall gameplay is vey fast and thrilling. Sound is also very well adapted to the gameplay and gives you that extra punch. There are a lot of new tricks and techniques which you can work out and practice. Thus, with the complete database of players and updated club news, players, uniforms etc. the whole experience simply ascends the game to a whole new level. The game has definitely advanced and gives you an amazing experience. If you play it using the TV Out then it altogether is a whole new experience

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