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06-10-2009, 01:08 PM
StruCalc 7.01.05

نرم افزاری عالی و کاربردی برای مهنرسان عمران جهت آنالیز و طراحی

StruCalc is an easy to use structural analysis software tool that aids in the analysis and design of beams, columns and footings using wood, steel and manufactured lumber. StruCalc is an optimal product for residential and light commercial projects.
Our company aims to bring a quality, professional software, built with strict engineering methods and specifications to every business in need of an easy to use, affordable software package. Keeping your software bottom line low is at the forethought of our company.

Created in 1993 for in-office use, StruCalc is now used by people around the country; our users include
architects, building officials, engineers, home designers, and even private home owners building or remodeling their own homes.

Includes Ten Design Modules
Footing (Square, rectangular, and Continuous)
Uniformly Loaded Floor Beam
Roof Beam (Including Hip Beams)
Combination Roof and Floor Beam
Multi-Loaded Beam
Multi-Span Floor Beam
Multi-Span Roof Beam
Floor Joist
Roof Rafter
Multiple Span Analysis with Increased Loading Options
Up to three spans with cantilevered ends
Six point loads per span
Four trapezoidal loads per span
One uniform live and dead load per span
Rectangular and continuous footing design
Sizes and specifies reinforcement
Load calculator assists in load determination
Specify column type (Steel, wood, concrete or masonry)
Design for overburden pressure
Laterally loaded column design
Stud wall design
cantilever column design
Structural Composite lumber columns
Deflection criteria for laterally loaded columns
Design for vertical and lateral loads
Up to three lateral point loads
One lateral uniform load
Multiple laminated solid sawn columns
Multi-span Hip beam design
Shear, moment, and deflection diagrams
View diagrams for all load cases
Determine values at any point along a beam
Negative loads
Improved loading diagram
Tube steel beams in all beam modules
Wide flange steel columns
User notes on print-outs
Built in translator to open StruCalc 5.0 files
Comprehensive Material Database
Solid Sawn lumber from the 91, 97, 01 and 05 NDS
All Available Glulam Combinations including new NDS Stress Class’s
Structural Composite Lumber from six Manufacturers
Wide Flange Steel beams and Columns (five shapes)
Equal Leg Single Angle design
Tube Steel Beams and Columns
I-Joists from six Manufacturers
Flitch beam design with solid sawn or structural composite side members
All major Building codes
Use any year NDS with any Building Code
2006 International Building Code
2006 International Residential Code
2003 International Building Code
2003 International Residential Code
2001 California Building Code
2000 International Building Code
2000 International Residential Code
98 International One and Two Family Dwelling Code
94 and 97 Uniform Building Code
94, 97, and 99 Standard Building Code
93, 96, and 99 BOCA National Building Code
95 CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code


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