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03-31-2009, 12:34 PM
Diamond Twister
by Gameloft

This dazzling rotate-the-blocks puzzle will leave you breathless for hours!


Welcome to the fascinating world of high-stakes robbery! Discover the most precious mobile game. Steal dazzling diamonds from 8 glamorous locations, including lavish mansions and well-protected museums, in this addictive rotate-the-blocks puzzle. Enjoy 8 different game modes throughout a simple and challenging concept: Swap 2 gems together to align 3 identical precious stones and make the maximum amount of combos possible. Fascinating visual effects, twisting diamonds and gem explosions will leave you breathless for hours!


- A hugely addictive, simple and intuitive gameplay.
- Switch pairs of gems on the grid to make combos of 3 or more identical, precious stones.
- A real adventure story in the fascinating world of high-stakes robbery!
- Dazzling visual effects, gem explosions and twisting diamonds ***** up the game experience.
- 8 game modes, including 5 exclusive modes and 64 different levels of difficulty.
- 8 glamorous environments to steal diamonds from, like lavish mansions and museums.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (S60v5 360x640) http://waper.ru/file/759832 (http://waper.ru/file/759832)