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01-24-2010, 06:36 PM
TTpod Music Player 3.20 With Skin Pack


3.2.0 new features:
1. Significant increase quality
2. Free online song lyrics search
3. Bluetooth send songs to your friends
4. Provide figures for menu shortcuts, open the menu only when necessary, according to figures on the bond can choose the menu items
5. Each skin can have their own skin the EQ
6. Increase tone options, you can choose whether or not to allow QQ tone
7. Increased sleep shutdown options do not have to trouble the sleep mode
8. Amended 6600 on the issue of installation

The traditional function:
1. List player software support, folder players. Everyday sounds such as support WMA MP3 OGG audio player
2. Be convenient for collection of playlists, delete, modify, and other management
3. Single cycle can all cycle, and random way to play your favorite songs broadcast
4. Software support Show song information.
5. Everyday sounds interface directly marking the shortcuts, user-friendly, and arranged a large number of special features shortcuts
6. Use process must first scan their own music library, the phone sounding songs added to the playlist every day in
7. Course every day sounds not the lyrics show
8. Software provides a sleep mode, in your sleep time will not forget the players and shut down the use of mobile phone battery depletion
9. Everyday sounds also provided such as a key-lock keyboards, alarm clocks, and other functions
11. Support replacement skin
12. Completely resolve the issue of player mp3 garbage characters
13. Randomly chosen songs and directories of local players
14. Support custom equalizer, but a number of preset equalizer style, such as fashion, dance, flat, overweight bass
15. Provide songs ID3 Laws, no longer has trouble garbage characters
Language: CH, EN
Nokia 3230/3650/6260/6600/6630/6620/6670/6680/6681/6682/
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