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01-24-2010, 06:03 PM
Best CallRecorder v1.03 S60v3


This is a fully customisable call recording application with rules for saving conversations for incoming/outgoing calls from known/unknown numbers. Unobtrusive and easy to use.
This is a fully customizable call recording application with rules for saving conversations for incoming/outgoing calls from known/unknown numbers. Unobtrusive and easy to use.
How to start:
* To have Best CallRecorder saving only those phone conversations you need, select Rules command from menu and set the rules according to your requirements;
* Open settings and customize the options you need;
* Activate Best CallRecorder by Joystick click;
* Automatic recording of voice calls, optionally limited or unlimited by time;
* User defined storage memory for recorded conversations;
* Configurable auto-start function;
* Custom rules allowing to automate call recording for different phone numbers and call directions;
* Small memory and battery usage;
* Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface;

Records view:
The records view of Best CallRecorder shows all phone conversation records. Here you can listen to those records, delete them and get detailed information about a record. The list of operations with records is as follows:
* Play a record. While playing a record, you can change the volume with joystick left/right moves;
* Call a contact or a phone number. If the highlighted record has a phone number associated with it, you can dial it even without exiting Best CallRecorder – just press the Call button or select this command from menu;
* Properties – displays a dialog with detailed information about the record;
* Send – allows sending selected records via Bluetooth, E-Mail etc;
* Delete (hot key: ‘C’) – deletes the marked records;
* Delete all;
* Pack – deletes all records from the list which don’t have a sound file associated with it (e.g. if it was manually deleted);
* Refresh – reloads the list of records;
Record rules:
Best CallRecorder allows creating the rules of following types:
* Default – this rule will be put into action if none of the active rules is used;
* Unknown – if caller’s number is not in your Contacts, this rule will be used;
* Contact – you can set a separate rule for a specific contact;
* Group – a rule for a group of contacts;
* Phone – a rule for a phone number. You can use a mask for phone numbers. A match pattern can contain wildcard characters “*” and “?”, where “*” matches zero or more consecutive occurrences of any character and “?” matches a single occurrence of any character.
‘*111′ – all numbers ending with 111;
‘111*’ – all numbers beginning with 111;
‘12?34′ – all numbers like 12034, 12134 … 12934;
Each rule can have the following actions set to perform when the rule is matched:
* Ask before record – if this action is selected, Best CallRecorder will ask you whether to record a phone call or not;
* Record incoming calls – enable recording incoming calls;
* Record outgoing calls – enable recording outgoing calls;
Note: If you haven’t chosen any action or have chosen only Ask before record, this rule will be disabled.
Rules application prioriy (in case you have any conflicting or overlapping rules):
* Unknown;
* Contact;
* Group;
* Phone;
* Default.


In this dialog you can configure the following settings:
* Activate (Turn on / turn off)
* Record format (amr / wav)
* Records memory (Phone memory / Memory card)
* Max record time (unlimited / MM:SS)

What’s new in Best CallRecorder for S60 3rd edition 1.03:
* French translation added;
* Issues with mixing records resolved;
* Issues with incoming calls on some devices fixed;
Working With:
N73, N75, N76, N77, N81, N82, N93, N93i, N95, E50, E51, E65, 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6290, 6500., E61, E61i, E62, E71, N80, E60, E70, N91, 3250