توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده می باشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمی کنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : Writing & Editing & Tips نكات كاربردي نويسندگي و ويرايش

08-14-2009, 04:30 PM
This topic devoted to writing essays, articles and stories where you can get help and suggestion about structure and grammatical mistakes from other members.
It means that somebody writes an essay or article about any subject and the other members revise and correct his/her text.

I hope the people that are good in English accompany us.

I found some tips on the internet, I think it could be useful if you put some of your suggestions or experiences to improve writing skills.


- Space between paragraphs.
- Do not space between comma, You need a comma before a quotation.
After she slapped him, he said, “I still love you.”
-A comma is required in question tags.
Sonia lives in Mangalore, doesn’t she?
- Don’t use a comma between the month and the day and between street number and
I was born on April 26, 1977.
I live on 32 Cunningham Road.
- For the introduction, write the thesis statement and give some background
-Write clear and simple sentences to express your meaning.
- In the last sentence (or last paragraph) sum up your argument.

Good Luck


08-14-2009, 04:30 PM
Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies are designed primarily to amuse and entertain. Which type of movie do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

I think both of them are necessary because everyone has it’s own sense. I personally do not confine myself to watch just some special types of movies, every kind of movies has its own value, sometimes I need to watch a comedy to make me laugh but I usually prefer to watch some kind of movies that make a big effect on me or make me think.

The reason behind my decision is clear, we only live on time and we do not have infinite time to experience everything, therefore we should try to take advantage of every second of our life. I really do not fancy to watch a cheap movie for example some romantic movies that you can guest at the end there will be a marriage, or an action movie that there is a good guy that kill all bad guys.

I like movies based on history, fiction (like Lord of the rings or Perfume) or real stories (like Beautiful mind or clockwork orange). Some of these movies have changed the direction of my life and somehow I owe them!.

In summery, I have respect for every kind of movies, we at different times have different feelings so we need to watch different movies, but I prefer to watch movies to make a big impact on me.


08-14-2009, 04:30 PM
You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

If I be lucky enough to have a chance to visit a foreign country on my own choice, I prefer to go to a European country and between these countries I choose Norway, It is a country that located in north of Europe and it has a very cold and long winters thus it’s better to go there on summer that whether is fair and nice. For me it’s the best country to visit. In the following paragraphs I will give some reasons to support my choice.

First of all, Norway is second tourists destination on summer, which mainly is because of its great landscapes, cool whether, some historic monuments and very civilized and easy-going people.

Second of all, many music bands especially metal bands have been originated from this country, so it would be great if I can go there and take part in some live concerts. It seams that most of Norwegians are good looking, I’ve read somewhere that 90% Norwegians are extremely attractive, and obese people are hardly to find ( I really doubt about it!.).

I do not know much about the culture and history of Norway, but it seams that they had a glorious and golden age when Vikings were ruling but after invading Christians to this country all things changed, so if I go there I can learn more about their history and also I would like to visit some museums and monuments at there.

In conclusion, visiting a foreign country is a golden opportunity to enjoy other culture, people and gain more knowledge and experience and finally learn new costumes and tradition

08-14-2009, 04:31 PM
Great job you do here, If I find time, I'll take part n write sth
first let me share what I know about writing then I go thourgh yr writings. Well, as far as I know, for essay writings which you are doing right now, you have to have at least 5 paragraphs, the very 1st one is inturdoctory. 2nd, 3d n the 4th one are our body n the very last one is the concolusion.
In introductory paragraph you have to follow sime tips, first of all you should try to start it with an impressive n attractive sentence or a question which can catch others' fancy, then you have to define what you are talking about in one or two sentences n then you should go to the main points which you wanna talk about in body paragraphs(as I mentoned, you have to have at least 3 body paragraphs, so you can mention 3 points n if you like to have more than 3 body parag, you can mention more than 3 points, but stick it in yr mind that at least you have to have 3 main points). just mention(dun spell 'em out) them in introductory n then go to yr body paragraphs, n talk about them(3 main points which you've mentioned in the introductory parag) n give some examples. n then you have to sum them up in yr last paragraph which is concolusion. here you may need to reapet what you've written but try not to repeat the exact words n sentences, try to make it somehow different so that you can have a very good writing.
As I see you've followed some of the tips but that's what I knew about essay writing n I shared it here, it's not complete yet n it might have some problems, I'd be grateful if others would correct me if there is any wrong info n beside add sth to what I've written

08-14-2009, 04:31 PM
I made some changes, I would like to see your essay & your suggestions about my essay.

Parents are too permissive nowadays, In your opinion, is such a relationship good? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

In these times, with improving technology, people’s attitude toward their children have changed completely, in the past children position in the family were different, they had to take more responsibilities. They had to do many jobs for their family either at home or outside the home, actually they were great assistants for their parents. The boys helped their father on the farm and the girls aided their mother to do tasks like washing, cooking, cleaning, and so on. However, nowadays the children have got more freedom and parents’ expectations have reduced. Children just do their homework and spend the rest of their time playing computer game or watching TV or hanging out with friends. I strongly disagree with this condition, and I think it has so many disadvantages for the children and community that in the following I will mention them.

First of all, the children who brought up in these families can not do their responsibilities well. As a matter of fact, They have been spoiled by their parents, They do not know how to make money or how to deal with different people. So when they enter to the society, They do not know what they should do, in addition they have weak personalities and can not tolerate difficult situations. These factors result in some defeats in their lives and

may lead to they go after drug or maybe they commit crimes or suicide.

Second of all, these children used to live in comfort, how you can expect them to be useful for their people when they are not familiar with the real life. They will break in burden of responsibilities. You can not expect them to do challenging or time consuming jobs. They probably need to get vacation frequently. This is a complete tragedy when we look at how much money the government has invested on them, so what are the results of this investment?. So many lazy and spoiled persons who just know how to amuse themselves. This is a huge loss.

To sum up, in my opinion sometimes parental love is hazardous and parents should be trained to how bring up their children well. Their children should learn to take responsibility, know how to endure difficult situations and also know that they owe to their community

08-14-2009, 04:31 PM
You may also have noticed the difference between new generations with their parents. By just looking at every one's life you can notice that nowadays parents have become too permissive. Children are not cared by their parents like before and they are free to do whatever they like. our parents used to devote their time to rear us in the best possible way but now a days, having so many irresponsible guys who waste their times on wandering and doing unimportant things is the consequence of having so many permissive parents.

As it is mentioned, one of the consequences is irresponsible children who dump their works, problems and duties on others and there is no one in their families to stir them up. And that’s the way they grow up.

The other problem which our new generation has is that they may never understand the value of life and may never notice that God have mercy on them. Because no one has ever expressed the importance and the value of life to them and that's why their minds are almost occupied with unimportant stuff.

Just having a few decent guys who are able to manage their own lives is one of the worst consequences of letting children be free. Because in their own families they haven’t learnt the correct way of living so they can not handle a new life and that’s why the number of unsuccessful lives has increased in last decades.

According to our juveniles' lives, parents are asked to be more careful and more attentive because following the current method of rearing the children may ruin the future lives of every one and that may destroy the future of our country

08-14-2009, 04:31 PM
It can be quite difficult to learn a new language. What do you think are the most difficult aspects of learning a new language? Give reasons and examples to support your response?

Most of the people moaning about how difficult is to learn a new language, some say they have problems in the listening part, some have problems in the speaking part and etc. In my opinion the most difficult parts depend on what language you are studying, but for me in English the most difficult aspects are pronunciation and grammar. In the following, I will mention why these are difficult for me.

Each Language has its own system of sounds and the way of pronouncing changes from one language to the other language. For instance, English students with Farsi as a first language may have a struggle to utter the words like “scythe” or “breathe” and so on, because they do not have the sounds like “th” in their mother tongue. However, by practicing I can improve my pronunciation, but it definitely takes time and for me who study by myself the situation is much harder.

In addition to the phonetics, I need to improve my English grammar. Learning to use appropriate grammar is very important, you must first know to use true structures to make an expression, without using proper grammar your text or talk will be vague. I find some difficulties in learning English grammar, first, in each structure or rule there are some exceptions and unfortunately I can not find a logical relation that help me to distinguish the exceptions, so I just have to memorize these rules and exceptions. Second, I have a very weak memory, I forget things quickly, as a result after a short period I forget the structures that I just memorized them. This will be a complete disaster when I am speaking with someone, I forget some of these rules, thus I have to think and try to remember the rules, no need to mention, this is ridiculous and embarrassing.

In conclusion, learning a new language is a time consuming task, there are so many difficulties in learning it, but for me the most difficult aspects are to learn to use correct structures and utter sounds like a native speaker of English

08-14-2009, 04:31 PM
For those who want to take the TOEFL/IELTS exam, these are TOEFL speaking topics, write a paragraph about any topic u would like.
I hope u accompany me.
1. Who is your best friend? Describe this person and say why he/she is your best friend.

2. What is your favorite place to visit on weekends? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite place to go.

3. What is your happiest childhood memory? Describe it and give reasons to explain why it is your happiest memory.

4. What is your most important possession? Describe it and say why it is so important.

5. Talk about a person in your life who has inspired you. Describe the person and explain why you found him/her inspirational.

6. Where do most like to go to eat out? Describe this place and say why you like it most.

7. Talk about an important national holiday in your home country. Describe it and explain why it is important.

8. What is your favorite book or movie? Describe it and say why it is your favorite.

9. Who do you feel close to in your family (or extended family)? Describe this person and say why you feel close to him/her.

10. Where is a good place to have fun in your city or town? Describe this place and explain why it is fun.

11. Talk about an experience in your life that made you feel embarrassed. Describe it and say why it was embarrassing.

12. What was your favorite subject at school? Describe it and explain why this subject was your favorite one.

13. Who is an important person in your country? Describe this person and explain why he/she is important.

14. Talk about an interesting tourist attraction you have been to. Describe it and say why it was interesting.

15. Talk about a time when you experienced success. Describe the experience and say why it was a success for you.

16. What is your favorite style of clothing? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite.

17. Name a person whom you truly admire. Describe the person and say why you admire him/her.

18. Think of a place that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. Describe it and explain why it is relaxing and peaceful for you.

19. Talk about a difficulty you have overcome in your life. Describe the experience and say why it was difficult to overcome.

20. What is your most useful study aid? Describe it and explain why it is useful in helping you to study.

21. Talk about a teacher who had a positive influence on you. Describe this person and explain why he/she was so influential to you.

22. Where is your favorite place to study? Describe this place and say why it is a good place for you to study.

23. Talk about a positive experience with learning or using English. Describe the experience and say why it was a positive one.

24. What is your favorite kind of food? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite.

25. Name a famous or influential figure who has inspired you. Describe this person and say why he/she has been inspirational to you.

26. Which place has fond memories for you? Describe this place and explain why it is memorable to you.

27. When have you been happily surprised by something? Describe the experience and say why the surprise was a happy one for you.

28. Describe a resource that helped you to do something better than before. Describe it and explain why it was helpful to you.

29. Describe a person from your country’s history. Why do you think this person was important?

30. Where would you like to go to spend a vacation? Describe this place and say why you would like to holiday there.

31. Talk about something you and your family enjoy doing together. Describe it and explain why you all enjoy it.

32. What is your favorite recreational activity? Describe it and say why you enjoy doing it.

33. Who is the most intelligent person you know? Describe the person and say why you think he/she is intelligent.

34. Where would you most like to live? Describe this place and explain why you would like to live there.

35. What is your favorite season of the year? Describe the season and explain why you like it so much.

36. What custom from your home country are you most fond of? Describe the custom and explain why you are fond of it.

37. Which person are you most likely to go to with a personal problem? Describe this person and say why you would go to him/her in particular.

38. Name a place in your country you would recommend others to visit. Describe this place and explain why you would recommend it.

39. Talk about an event from the past that you would like to relive. Describe the original event and say why you would like to relive it.

40. What is your favorite way of getting around? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite means of transportation

08-14-2009, 04:32 PM
What custom from your home country are you most fond of? Describe the custom and explain why you are fond of it.

There are so many nice customs in my country, but I really love one them called "Yalda night". Yalda night is the longest night of the year which is at autumn season. The people celebrate this night by visiting each other and staying awake all or part of night. They usually prepare themselves for this night by buying fruits, nuts, cookies and so on. At this night, people talk about nonbusiness things, older people like grandfathers or grandmothers talk about their memories, share their experiences with youths; younger people talk about their future plans, daily affairs etc. Overall, I remember so many good memories from this special night, in addition, this night gives me an opportunity to visit some of my relatives that maybe during the year I have less chances to visit them.

What is your favorite way of getting around? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite means of transportation

I would like to travel by train, because it has some advantages over other means of transportation like airplane or car and so on. First, I think it’s the safest way of transferring at least in my country, everyday you hear so much bad news about car accidents, and also airplanes are old in Iran and every time there is an imminent danger that one of these planes crashes. Second, I think traveling by the train is fairly cheep in contrast to plane and its travel cost is comparable to travel by car. Third, the most important thing about train is its convenience, you can rest, study while you are traveling. Finally, advanced trains are fast and quiet and environment friendly.

08-14-2009, 04:32 PM
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Modern technology is creating a single world culture. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Nowadays, by advancing communication technologies and invention of new methods of communication via internet and satellites, people around the world can communicate live and easily besides they can receive TV channels or read online newspapers from other counties. These advances in technology make the people more familiar with each other, so they can learn other countries cultures or languages and so on. However, there are huge differences between the countries politically, economically and technically. As a result, those countries which are stronger in those aspects take advantage of their excellencies to export or better to say impose their culture to the weaker countries. I think that they have succeeded to some extent and one culture is spreading all over the world and in the following I will give my reasons for holding that opinion.

First, if you take a look on the internet or satellite channels, you will realize that common languages in these media are English or French, you rarely see other famous or important channels in other languages. The same story is true if you look at scientific journals or papers, scientific materials rarely are written in other language except English. Needless to say, this hegemony of one special culture or language is growing every day, so these evidences guide us to the fact that we are moving toward a global village or single cultured world. Second, the other important fact is that most of inventions are introduced by these leader countries, so they name those products in respect of their own culture and design them appropriate to their culture like so many modes of clothes, hairstyle, etc. This fact makes these foreign words and culture common in destination countries, so they gradually forget their native culture and accept imported culture.

In summary, world is changing, culture of stronger countries is taking over weaker ones, and this fact is getting clearer by looking at mass media or other common communication types

08-14-2009, 04:32 PM
If you have some land to use as your wish, how you would use this land?

What should I do if some day I had some land to exploit it? It’s a serious question while it’s just an imaginary case. Before making a decision, I prefer to talk to some of my friends that have much tact so that I can trust them in order to gather some correct data.I've a variety of options in my mind, I can take advantage of this vacant land and build an apartment or business center at it, or build something that relieves some hardship of abandoned children and helps them to qualify as important and beneficial people for their community, e.g. by building a charity shop which can provide funds for bachelors to get married or public school, etc. I choose the first option and the reasons for my opinion are as follows.

Although I’m keen to help other people, I sometimes think that it’s better rather have an ordinary life, raise my standard of living. I’m not jealous of rich people and also I’m unaccustomed to this way of living. I never enjoy living at so called “big house” or having luxurious facilities, though if I have some land as an asset that I can guarantee my future, I don’t think it would be a bad idea. I’d like to build an apartment there and rent the units. In this way, In addition to having a constant income, I own something which its cost would raise daily probably and whenever I felt that I can do a better job instead of renting, I can take my property back without any problems. Furthermore, I’m unfavorable to risk my property by investing on other doubtful projects, simply because I’m not gallant enough. Finally, I’d like to share some of the profit among the poor too; nevertheless, I don’t take an oath that I would do.

From what has been discussed above, I may safely draw the conclusion that using this land to build an apartment would be the best option for me and also I’d like to be involved in helping other people

08-14-2009, 04:33 PM
Do you prefer to live in a location that has a warm climate all year or where the seasons change?l

I think I’d like to live in a place where the climate changes rather than a place that is always warm. First of all, I’m the type of the person who enjoys experiencing different things and for me having repetitive days is tiresome, I enjoy the snowy weather of winter and hot weather of summer along side with each other, not separately; and also I’d like to wear different kinds of clothing and see changes in nature that are due to changing in climate, and I can find none of them in monotone surrounding conditions. Furthermore, so many people that live in place that climate is steady, suffer sort of depression that is due to the lack of variation (variations?) of climate, and they usually have to take trips to other parts of the world to avoid this disorder. Therefore, maybe I’m just used to diverse climate, but for now that’s my choice

Which city would you like to visit?l

If I could visit any city in the world on my desire, I’d choose Bergen, a port city in southwestern Norway, since this city has everything that I’m longing for, beach, forest, and historical monuments. As you know Norway despite having very cold winters, is the second tourist destination during the summer, thanks to the fair and blessed atmosphere during this period of year that can rarely be found anywhere else. Moreover, experience (?) of fishing and skiing in this beautiful piece of world makes me more certain of this decision and also having some exciting adventures in grim jungles and mountains with wild animals is another thing that I reckon I’d get it if I had a chance to travel to that land. Best of all, I’ve hear a lot that Norwegians are very easygoing and gracious, and what’s more, they’re extremely attractive and good-looking. So, those were the reasons that I hold for my decision

08-14-2009, 04:33 PM
I couldn’t write an essay with the words of the second lesson, so I continue the storyhttp://pnu-club.com/images/New-smile/N_aggressive%20%2845%29.gif

Now Tom has changed to a qualified doctor, everyone respects him because of his personality and his high rank in the society. But, there is a sickness in his heart that brings him on his knees, and that’s the absence of real parents in his life.

Till now everything in his life was so simple, but everything changed during the first dismal dispiriting day of November when he was driving in a road through a grim forest. He could barely keep his eyes open while he was moving and that caused him to pay a high price for that, since all of a sudden his car was swerved from the road and hit a tree alongside the road. Thus, he had to stay all the night in this frigid and dismal jungle. Meanwhile, he was tempted to wander into the jungle for finding a place to spend the night, but a load shriek which sounded to be caused by a sinister creature numbed him awhile. Soon after getting aware of peril that laid ahead of him, he concealed himself by reclining beneath a bush around

To be continued …

08-14-2009, 04:33 PM
What kind of products you prefer, hand-made or machine made?l

I think in this machine era, seeing scarce hand-made products which has been devised and created by especial talent of artists, persuade everyone that still minimally there are some essential areas in the life which can’t be replaced by machines. Annually we witness that machines are substituted for newer ones, but on the other hand, not only hand-made articles lose their prices, but get more and more expensive. Because, they’re typical work that cannot be recurred; the blend of art and unique talent of artists and also their creation dates has made them distinctive

08-14-2009, 04:34 PM
I evadedhttp://pnu-club.com/images/New-smile/N_aggressive%20%284%29.gif the lesson 4 because assembling majority of those words was a burden to mehttp://pnu-club.com/images/New-smile/N_aggressive%20%2845%29.gif. I think sometimes we should reform the rules and break with traditionhttp://pnu-club.com/images/New-smile/N_aggressive%20%2833%29.gif.l

Choose one resource that is disappearing and explain why it needs to be saved

It’s a very debatable topic and I think it’s better before making any decision I probe the variety of options. Anyway, my choice for now is trees and I’m really concerned about the future of the Earth if the process of destroying the jungles continues in this way. In the following I would explore some important reasons for my choice.

First, trees by doing the procedure of photosynthesis in which they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen play a significant role in maintaining a good condition for the ecosystem which is in danger of annihilation because of human’s destroyer activities.
Trees by reducing carbon gases amounts prevent the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect that result in increasing the mean temperature of the Earth and changing the environment. Besides that, jungles are home of many different species of animals like birds and mammals and insects, etc. Lives of these creatures are strongly reliant on these kinds of ecosystems, and if one day these jungles vanish, without doubt we will lose these creatures as well, and this will be a big blow that we destroy the life on this planet in order to reaching some temporary and unnecessary goals.

Second, I think we do need jungles to bring happiness to us, you will not understand what I’m saying unless you spend a night in jungle or at rural treed areas. If you try it you will never allow the thought of destroying these precious god-given gifts comes to your mind. Furthermore, the issue of destroying jungles gets more bothersome when we see that all of the products made by wood can be produced by other materials, for example, we can use other materials for making pencil or door or table and so on. The other drawback of destroying jungles is that this process is irreversible and it means that we practically will disappoint the next generations from enjoying the green nature.

In a word, for practical and emotional reasons we need to preserve our plant’s trees

08-14-2009, 04:34 PM
Despite all hardships n tails, Sarah could afford to travel to Europe. First she went to France, there she stayed with one of her old friends, Maggy, who was living on her own in an enormous house. the very first days of her trips she had great time n she could go to different beautiful places n catch some fabulous subjects for her paintings but these happy days did not last for a long time, one humid night, while Sarah was descending the stairs in her way to home she bumped into a dense, lunatic villain, she was totally scared n tried to flee but she could do nothing;
It was about 2 a.m n Sarah had been vanished n Maggy was too worried. Maggy phoned all the places where Sarah could be, but she couldn't find her n eventually she phoned the police; The day after Sarah's photo was circulated on all the morning newspapers. The police could not find Sarah after 48 hours following up, For Maggy this event was unpredictable n she was in dilemma whether to inform Sarah's parents. By the time Sarah made up her mind to put Sarah's parents wise, she received a phone call from the police station. the police had found Sarah passed out in an old vacant building

08-14-2009, 04:34 PM
If people behave differently when they wear different clothes?l

I undoubtedly agree that people’s behaviors are affected by their kind of clothing, and there so many arguments that this thought is true and through this essay I will convey some reasons to support this idea.

One clear example that helps to approach this idea is that when you wear formal clothes and take part in a serious meeting or even walk in the street your actions are completely differently than when you wear casual clothing like T-shirt and jeans. In the first case, you try to show yourself as a gentleman and treat tactfully, whereas, in the second situation you are more free and convenient to make jokes with other people or even you can neglect some social costumes. Besides that, wearing stuff like hat or sunglasses more often than not cause some sense of confidence and coolness; or usually people wear things like necklace to make themselves appear better-looking or to imply their some particular beliefs.

Moreover, one of the places that the effect of kind of clothing is detectable is office. Usually in offices the employees were uniform, perhaps one reason for that is to make distinction between clients and employees. But, I think when employees were such uniforms they comprehend that they are working for what firm or corporation and they must obey its rules, otherwise, defrauders and deceiver must compensate for their irresponsible actions.

Finally, clothe color is also an important factor and truly has an effect on their owners’ feelings. For example, black color brings the feelings seriousness and grief, or red color makes happy and thriving sensation, and green color causes harmony and peace.

All in all, from what has been discussed above, I can safely draw the conclusion that clothes which we wear do influences our manners and feelings and there are so many evidences and fact that approve this idea

08-14-2009, 04:34 PM
Micheal, the neglected child of our former story who was detected by a couple was hospitalized for a while in a luxury hospital after his accident. he was released after three weeks when doctors became sure that he is healthy with no defection; by the time he wanted to leave the hospital, the head of hospital asked him to work with them in the hospital n become one the employees of this luxury hospital, since he was so popular among the people in his home-town n this could increase the number of clients of this hospital
Undoubtedly this offer was one of the best offers Michael had ever given, it was one of his wishes, working in such a hospital. But he hesitated n did not reply very soon; first he wanted to consult with her parents. When he shared this offer with his parents, they were shocked n could not comprehend it well, they were so happy n they just thanked God for the gift which was given to them.

08-14-2009, 04:34 PM
In general, people are living longer. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon

One of the outcomes of developing human’s science and culture is definitely increase in the average number of years that humans live on and this is a massive achievement which is unique to men that have an ability to interfere in nature in their own favor to postpone the time of death. In the following I will provide more explanation for my speculation.

The most important reason for this phenomenon is development in knowledge that includes fields like anatomy, genetics, psychology, biology and also other nonmedical areas that are connected with medicine technically such as electronics, mechanics or alike. By using this knowledge diseases like rabies, malaria never threaten human’s life as before and nowadays vaccines (vaccine?) of so many diseases have been made that in past were the main reason of fatalities in big and small communities. This is very interesting that capsules that contain a special substance can preserve thousands of lives. Beside that, today we can forecast devastating natural disasters like torrents, cyclones, and floods that were gloomy and unforeseen phenomena for our ancestors and they tried to connect these events to the sky for example they taught that it is because of God’s resentment. Consequently, thanks to our increased data we can prepare ourselves before encountering these ex-tragedies.

The other important factor is improvement in humanity and understanding of human-kind. During man’s history so many bloody battles happened resulted in many casualties. In past, any not consenting claims simply caused two sides (that could be two persons or tribes or nations) start to molest and fight one another. However, today there are organizations like national committee or court that people and governments can denounce their disagreements completely in a diplomatic manner without any violent actions.

Overall, today’s people have more chance to breathe longer and I reckon two prominent factors of higher knowledge and culture are mainly involved in this improvement